The Doctor Who 50-50

A handy guide to my Doctor Who 50-50 series where I look at each year of Doctor's Who history:


1963: The series begins.

1964: The departure of Susan and the beginning of the comic strip

1965 Part 1: Vicki joins, Ian and Barbara leave and the early days of Dalekmania.

1965 Part 2 : The Daleks' Masterplan begins, Peter Cushing takes Who to the big screen and Hartnell breaks the fourth wall.

1966: The end of an era: Hartnell bows out and Troughton takes over.

1967: The Monster Era: Cybermen, Yeti and Ice Warriors are in, the Daleks are out

1968: Setting up the future? Brigiadier Lethbridge Stewart and UNIT make their first appearance

1969: The Doctor's origins revealed as we say goodbye to the Second Doctor

1970: Exiled to Earth: Doctor Who meets Quatermass

1971: The Master arrives.

1972: The return of the Daleks!

1973: Three Doctors unite for Season 10,  Sarah Jane Smith makes her first appearance and the Target novelisations begin

1974: The Pertwee years come to an end.

1975: Tom Baker begins his tenure.

1976: The departure of Sarah Jane and the return of the Master

1977: Leela and K9 join and Doctor Who gets its first dedicated documentary

1978: The Key to Time

1979: Doctor Who goes abroad and the first issue of Doctor Who Weekly is published

1980: Shada is cancelled and the series is given a new look

1981 : Tom Baker's final episodes and the first official Doctor Who spin-off

1982: Peter Davison's first season, the death of a companion and the return of the Cybermen

1983: The Twentieth Anniversary is celebrated in style

1984: Goodbye Peter, hello Colin

1985: Colin Baker's first season, the hiatus and 'Doctor in Distress'

1986: The Trial of a Time Lord

1987: Colin Baker is sacked, Sylvester McCoy is the Seventh Doctor and Patrick Troughton passes away

1988: The 25th Anniversary and Doctorin' the TARDIS tops the charts

1989: The final season?

1990: The 'Wilderness Years' begin

1991: The beginning of the 'New Adventures'

1992: The departure of Ace and the debut of Bernice Summerfied

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